Supercharge Your Online Course

Supercharge Your Online Course is a 12-week program using neuroscience to help you turn your course into implementable steps that get your clients results & creates ravings fans. 

We've poured over 25 years of combined experience into the ultimate online program that is guaranteed to Supercharge Your Online Course.

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Core Concepts
  • Module 2: Course Structure
  • Module 3: Goals
  • Module 4: Vocabulary
  • Module 5: Accessibility
  • Module 6: Multimedia
  • Module 7: Conceptual Schema
  • Module 8: Support Your Learners
  • Module 9: Community & Participation
  • Module 10: Reflection
  • Module 11: Take Action
  • Module 12: Bring It All Together

What to expect each week

  • 1 Module packed with learning content including videos, audio, and readings.
  • 2 60-minute Supercharge Coaching Calls where we'll discuss all of your content and tech-related questions. Mondays 1pm ET and Thursdays at 7pm ET.
  • Engaging with peers in the private learning community on Facebook.

In total you can expect to spend 2-4 hours each week learning content and applying what you've learned to your course.

Still not ready?

Let's talk about it! Schedule a free consultation with us and we'll figure out if Supercharge Your Online Course is the right program for you.