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Our program—Supercharge Your Online Course—is a 12-week long learning experience where you'll work directly with us in weekly Supercharge Coaching Calls where we'll help you design powerful learning experiences and unlock learner potential. 

We've poured over 25 years of combined experience into the ultimate online program that is guaranteed to Supercharge Your Online Course.

We look forward to creating powerful learning experiences together soon!

- Kasia & Matt

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Wondering how to structure your course for maximum completion & simplicity but feeling a bit lost? Our template is designed to inject a dose of neuroscience to make your course creation journey seamless and effective so you develop raving fans, more referrals and start charging what your service is worth.

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Our online program - Supercharge Your Online Course - is packed with strategies and techniques that are the product of 25+ years of combined passion for learning. We are committed to providing you with an exceptional online learning experience that will give you the tools to take your own online course past its limits and accelerate your audience growth.