Ready to Uplevel Your Online Course, Get Your Clients Better Results, and Create RAVING Fans?

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We help health & wellness industry leaders create high-impact online learning experiences that don't overwhelm your clients, grow your audience, and allow you to feel confident in charging what your service is worth. 

Our program—Supercharge Your Online Courseis a 12-week program using neuroscience to help you turn your course into implementable steps that get your clients results & creates ravings fans. 

We've poured over 25 years of combined experience into the ultimate online program that is guaranteed to Supercharge Your Online Course.

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Unlock the Keys
to a High-Earning Online Course that
Frees-Up Your Time and Creates Raving Fans

Before Supercharged

After Supercharged

Overwhelmed by a messy course that leaves clients feeling confused

Feeling confident and clear about a structured program that is optimized for engagement and deeper learning

Burned out by losing time from having to repeat the same content over and over

Rejuvenated by clients who “get it” and the freed-up time this generates for your business

Disenchanted by clients who don’t implement what they have learned

Inspired by a high follow-through rate and raving fans

Frustrated with technology and how to use it effectively

Ease-of-mind in maintaining your online course and leveraging the latest tech tools

Who Is This Program For?

  • People who want to create POWERFUL learning experiences that translate into RAVING fans.
  • People who want to feel CONFIDENT in charging what their service is worth.

Who Is This Program NOT For?

  • People who are okay with MEDIOCRE user experiences and don't care about client satisfaction.
  • People who AVOID sharing their expertise and charging what it's worth.

Brain Hack Your Way to Exceptional Course Design

Leverage neuroscience-backed strategies to offer diverse avenues for learner engagement, comprehension, and skill demonstration, igniting motivation, active participation, and superior achievement in your online course.


Engage users by captivating their interest, sustaining momentum, and bolstering emotional regulation.

Course Content

Elevate your course content to seamlessly cater to every learner's needs, enabling both comprehension and meaningful connections.

Learner Action

Inspire learners to take action with tech-driven enhancements that amplify user experiences, enabling versatile interaction and empowering learners to set goals, strategize, and track their own progress.

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Make Your Online Course
Stand Out from the Crowd

Learn how to create powerful learning experiences that are guaranteed to make your online course stand out from the crowd.

A course that stands out from the crowd can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

When learners recognize the value and uniqueness of your course, they will be more likely to trust you and seek out your other products or services. This can help you build a loyal following and attract more learners to your future offerings.

Creating a powerful learning experience can also be a way to differentiate yourself from competitors and demonstrate your unique value proposition.

By highlighting the unique benefits and features of your course, you can help learners understand why your course is a better fit for their needs than other options.

Take your messy, overwhelming course and turn it into an unbeatable client experience that creates raving fans, allows you to raise your pricing, and gets you more referrals.

Accelerate your Audience Growth Faster than Ever Before

Your raving clients will be telling everyone about their exceptional experience in your online course.

With the growing popularity of online learning, creating an exceptional online learning experience can help you grow your audience faster than ever before.

Online course experiences can be broken down into three buckets: bad, good, and exceptional. People are more inclined to share feedback on their experience with others if it's bad or exceptional. You only need to browse a few product reviews on Amazon to see this in action90% of the products are dominated by either 4/5 stars or 1 star.

People are less likely to share their experience with others if it's just goodCraft an online course that is exceptional to tap into the power of word-of-mouth marketing and grow your audience faster than ever before.

"Serve customers caviar even when they are satisfied with crackers and cheese." - Seth Godin

Unlock your full potential with
12 weeks of live Group Calls

During the course we'll work together weekly to clear the path for you to supercharge your online course. 

Every week, for 12 weeks, you'll have access to our Content Calls and Tech-Time Calls where we'll answer all your questions and learn together as a group. 

These calls are incredibly powerful tools that allow us to facilitate dynamic and engaging learning experiences for our program participants.

  1. Personalized feedback: You will have the opportunity to submit 2 - 3 questions about applying your learning and solving tech issues in your online course.

  2. Enhanced learning outcomes: These interactive discussions will help you to deepen your understanding of course material and conquer the tech-side of things.

  3. Community: These calls also provide an opportunity for participants to connect with one another and form relationships. 

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Supercharge Your Online Course

Grow Your Audience and Charge What Your Service is Worth




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User Experience

  • Create exceptional course design grounded in neuroscience
  • Crush barriers in course design
  • Tackle Diverse Learning Needs Head-On
  • Amplify Engagement, boost learning outcomes, and skyrocket satisfaction

Brain-based Strategies

  • Conquer teaching with confidence without the overwhelm
  • Utilize the latest brain-based strategies to help your clients
    • engage with your content
    • fuel deeper understanding
    • take action and get results


  • Excel in course platform management
  • Supercharge your videos and visuals
  • Explore a variety of EdTech tools

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Course Overview

What's Included in the Supercharge Your Online Course Program?

Content Calls

Get custom step-by-step guidance every week to prevent overwhelm personal coaching support for your online course design. (All calls are also recorded for your convenience)

"Tech-Time" Calls

During our weekly calls we'll also tackle all your tech queries, from course content uploads to automated email setups.

Strategies You Can
Use Immediately

Supercharge Your Online Course isn't just about theory. Experience real-world examples, practical tools, and instant-use strategies.

Training Video Library

Learn the A to Z of supercharging your online programing and gaining authority in your field. Revamp your course structure, learn how to effectively engage learners and help them take action.

Resources & Handouts

Get time-saving templates for taking your course to the next level!

Private Community

Connect & mastermind with like-minded course creators to stay accountable, bounce ideas around, and help each other grow!

Course Podcast

Stay productive on the move! Our training videos are now available as podcasts, ensuring you can access program content anytime, anywhere, even when you're away from your computer.

3 Month Course Access

Unlock the program course for a full three months from your start date, complete with all updates and fresh content as it's rolled out.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Apply our program's strategies to craft an exceptional online learning experience that outshines the competition. If you're not thrilled, we've got you covered with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

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Transform from Ordinary to Supercharged in Just 12 Weeks!

Lay the foundation weeks 1 - 3: Master fundamental principles and fortify the foundation of your course.  Course Content weeks 4 - 7: Supercharge your course content. Engagement weeks 8 - 9: Fuel  learner enthusiasm and motivation. Learner Action week 11: Empower learners to take decisive action. Bringing it all together week 12.

A look inside a typical week

We know you're busy, that's why we've designed Supercharge Your Online Course to only require 2-4 hours per week of your time.

Build Background

First, we'll dive into the topic of the week. You'll learn through a mix of instructional videos, audio, readings, and handouts.


Next, you'll reflect on what you have learned and develop a plan to apply these strategies to your online course.


Now you'll take action and apply what you have learned to your course.

Dive Deeper

Every week we have optional resources to help deepen your understanding.

Supercharge Coaching Calls

Each week we'll gather for two Supercharge Coaching Calls. We'll meet as a group and everyone will have the opportunity to submit 2-3 content and/or tech-related questions that we'll dive into during our time together.

Mondays 1pm ET & Thursdays 7pm ET


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Your Course Design Coaches

Hey there, I'm Kasia! (pronounced kah-shah)

You know what really lights me up? I’m obsessed with helping industry leaders

  • Brain-hack their way to exceptional learning design
  • Develop transformative virtual learning experiences
  • Innovative solutions that go beyond conventional approaches 

So they develop raving fans, build more referrals and
charge what their service is worth. 

I’ve worked with hundreds of experts, coaches, educators to get them top-notch results.

  • Ed.M. in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard University
  • Over 17 years experience in instructional design, educational neuroscience, & online courses 

Author of Supercharge Your Professional Learning: 40 Concrete Strategies that Improve Adult Learning

Kasia Derbiszewska, Ed.M.
Mind, Brain, and Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education

Hi, I'm Matt!

Got tech woes? No problem. I’m passionate about

  • Solving tech problems, no matter what platform you’re using
  • Creating easy-to-implement tech solutions
  • Offering customizable tech templates

So you get back to your business and charge what your service is worth! 

I’ve developed hundreds of online courses and helped leaders develop excellent results.

  • Ed.M. in Technology, Innovation and Education from Harvard University
  • Developed hundreds of online courses–including high-impact organizations such as  Harvard, CAST, and Transform
  • Over 20 years experience in computer programming, web development, and graphic design

Matt Riecken, Ed.M.
Technology, Innovation, Education
Harvard Graduate School of Education

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Frequently Asked Questions

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